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How to Develop Healthy Food & Beverage Products

How to Develop Healthy Food & Beverage Products

Key findings and research on developing healthy food and beverage products that sell.

87% of consumers are concerned about eating healthier, yet some new products find success in this niche while others struggle. This free, downloadable whitepaper explores product development approaches that help you ensure success in the marketplace.

You will discover:
  • Our recommendation is to use your market’s gold standard product to gauge the likelihood of your success.
  • How to turn consumers into your biggest advocates for successful product development.
  • How consumers' taste—and trust—work together in determining product acceptance.
  • Plus many other proven strategies for developing products that thrive in today’s competitive healthy food and beverage market.

Want more information about conducting effective research on food and beverage products? Contact Andrew Scholes, Director at Contract Testing, at (800) 342-1825 or andrew.scholes@contracttesting.com.

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