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I am a Tester… Now What?

Thank you for joining our database! Participating in studies/surveys can be an exciting and informative experience! You may have the opportunity to sample unique and new products.

What can I expect?

Now that you are a tester at Contract Testing Inc., you will be contacted from time to time to determine if you meet the criteria set for participation in a specific study/survey. If you meet the criteria you will be invited to participate in a study/survey held at one of our field sites, designated location or via email.

You will be scheduled a date and time for participation, informed of how much you will get paid and how long the study/survey will take. When arriving at one of our field sites the day of the study/survey you will be required to show a valid Government issued photo ID to identify yourself. After you have completed an onsite study/survey you will receive compensation, typically before leaving our facility. You may test up to 3-4 times a year. Please check our privacy policy.

What happens during the survey?

That depends on the type of study/survey you are participating in and the type of product you are testing.

You will be asked to taste, touch, smell and/or look at products and answer questions about them. Sometimes we will ask you to be part of a focus group, where you will be discussing a product, service or idea with other testers and a moderator that will lead the discussion. Sometimes you are asked to pick up products and try them at home but, for the most part, testing is done at one of our field sites, conveniently located in your area. Most tests are done on a computer. Remember when answering questions, there are no right or wrong answers – just your opinion.

What are my responsibilities as a tester?

  • Remember to always be honest and answer truthfully.
  • Everything in our facility is considered confidential so cameras, cell phones and other handheld electronic devices are not permitted in our testing area at any time.
  • We try to ensure all of our sessions start on time. You need to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for check-in processes.
  • To ensure your taste buds are operating at peak performance, do not eat, drink, or smoke anything for at least 1 hour before the study/survey.
  • Smell has a large impact on taste and as a result the testing facility is a non-scent environment. Please do not wear any perfume/cologne or other strong fragrances like scented moisturizers or body sprays on the day of the study/survey.
  • Please check our terms and conditions.