proven protocols. superior products.

The right processes. The right people.
The right technology.


At CTI, Proven Protocols means:

1. The RIGHT processes, standards and controls

From the first contact to our follow up at the completion of a project, every step in our product research process has been painstakingly documented and is rigorously adhered to. Furthermore, each step is subjected to pre-established standards and controls. This ensures that all research is completed in accordance with our exacting specifications as well as established industry standards.

2. The RIGHT people

You have access to our superior team of sensory trained project managers, fieldwork technicians and data analysts across the United States and Canada. They, along with our knowledgeable and experienced technical administrators and support personnel, ensure that your projects are well designed and properly executed.

3. The RIGHT technology

CTI is an acknowledged industry leader for its use of proprietary technology to enhance the speed and accuracy of the research process. We have developed our own automated, online recruiting system, our own data capture system as well as our own automated reporting system and we rely extensively on technology solutions for database development and project management. Like you, we also know the power of listening to our customers.

Our Proven Protocols have been continuously refined to reflect the latest advances in product research—and the input of our clients.