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Show your love this Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air, along with chocolates, flowers and grand romantic gestures. February days can be long and dark so why not embrace Valentine’s Day by enjoying sweets with your sweetie!

We have all heard about the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts but how many people really expect gifts on February 14? What about giving gifts to loved ones, is it a must?

Contract Testing recently conducted an extensive survey on consumer Valentine’s Day trends with over 1,000 participants from across North America.

Here are some of the interesting findings and insights from this survey:

Despite the grumblings, Valentine’s Day is observed by most
The majority of Canadians (85%) and Americans (86%) celebrate Valentine’s Day on an annual basis while 10% only observe the day if they have a significant other to celebrate with.

Valentine’s Day gifts are common
More than three quarters of Canadians and Americans give gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Canadians being slightly more likely (83%) than Americans (78%) to give gifts. When it comes to expecting Valentine’s Day gifts, 60% of Canadians and Americans do expect to receive something on February 14.

Sweet treats are the way to the heart
Chocolate is a clear winner when it comes to Valentine’s Day with both Americans (36%) and Canadians (55%) ranking it as the gift they are most likely to give. Followed by candy in the US (22%) and flowers in Canada (12%). Jewellery rounds out the list with just 5% of Canadians and Americans giving it as a Valentine’s Day gift.

When it comes to receiving gifts, both Canadians and Americans would most like to receive chocolates, flowers and jewellery to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Other gift picks include spa gift cards, dinner dates and gift cards.

For questions about this research, or how you can leverage consumer taste buds in your business, contact Andrew Scholes at andrew.scholes@contracttesting.com.