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Celebrate National Sandwich Month!



August is National Sandwich Month so what better reason to eat this delicious and convenient meal! The best part about sandwiches is that they can be catered to tease any tastebud, from gluten free to vegetarian!

Contract Testing recently conducted an extensive survey on consumer sandwich preferences with over 1,000 participants from across Canada.

Here are some of the interesting findings and insights from this survey:

Consumers prefer sandwiches to salads.
There is something to be said about the satisfaction of bread and delicious fillings. More than 65% of Canadians prefer sandwiches over salads.

Canadians love poultry.
The top picks for sandwich filling / meat are turkey (25%) and chicken (24%). Bologna is the least preferred filling with just 1% of Canadians using it on their sandwiches.

Keep it simple with the condiments.
Canadians are traditionalists when it comes to sandwich toppings, 63% prefer mayonnaise, followed by mustard (24%). Ketchup is a distant third with 6%. Other condiment picks include ranch dressing and butter.

Basic bread is best.
When it comes to sandwich bread, Canadians prefer whole wheat (35%), followed by white (31%). Rye bread comes in third with 17%. Other bread choices includes Italian, multigrain and tortillas.

Sandwiches are a Canadian staple.
More than half of Canadians eat sandwiches three times a week, while 29% of Canadians eat them every day. Less than 1% of Canadians rarely or never eat sandwiches.

For questions about this research, or how you can leverage consumer taste buds in your business, contact Andrew Scholes at andrew.scholes@contracttesting.com.