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The Rise of the Gourmet Hamburger

Over the top burgers, special sauces and customized creations -the surge of gourmet burger chains continues to grow with new establishments popping up all over North America.

Do you believe that the topping makes the burger? Last year, we asked the Contract Testing community about their sensory product testing burger topping preferences and our survey found that cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles came out on “top.”

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Why not be a bit daring this summer? We’re challenging YOU to invent your own custom, gourmet burger creations. Shake it up with some inventive combinations like these:

Where’s the…Bison?
Move over ground beef. Bring on the bison, turkey, Portobello mushroom, beef tongue, duck and chorizo.

Some like it hot
Hot sauce is so 2014. Try a shake of cayenne pepper, buffalo sauce or jerk seasoning.

Spread the Love
Homemade and store-bought, spreads can add flavour, zest and zing to any burger. Try corn relish, chow chow, bacon jam, chutney, adobo sauce, hot mustard, sweet mustard, grainy mustard.

Pan Fry It
Ingredients can be sautéed, caramelized, roasted or toasted to add extra flavour and depth.

Beyond Cheddar
Keep the cheddar for grilled cheese. Switch it up with a creamy brie, provolone, goat or even pimento cheese.

Top It With Some Veg
Crispy shallots, garlic spinach, arugula, pickled red onion – tomato’s and lettuce are old news for gourmet burgers.

Wrap it Up
Cruise the bread aisles for a soft ciabatta, pretzel bun, potato bun or sesame bun. Or try no bun or go carb free with a lettuce wrap.


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