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Consumers Provide Top Five Perfect Pairings

Peanut butter and jelly, pork and beans, chicken and dumplings, spaghetti and meatballs…Contract Testing recently asked consumers (from both the United States and Canada) to tell us more about their ‘perfect pairings’ when it comes to the food and drink they enjoy.

According to the survey, their perfect pairings include:

Peanut butter with jam
Consumers prefer peanut butter and jam (49 per cent) over chocolate (15 per cent) or honey (9 per cent).

A glass of wine with cheese
They prefer to enjoy a glass of wine with cheese (63 per cent) over chocolate (14 per cent) or fruit (6 per cent).

A bagel and cream cheese with smoked salmon
They are nearly divided when it comes to their bagel and cream cheese with the top pairing almost a tie between smoked salmon (26 per cent) and plain (22 per cent).

A crisp apple with caramel sauce
More than peanut butter (23 per cent) or cheese (15 per cent), consumers prefer caramel sauce with their apple.

Hot tea with cookies or biscuits
Tea with lemon? Not according to the survey, consumers prefer a cookie or biscuit with their hot tea (44 per cent) over lemon (18 per cent), dessert such as cake (10 per cent) or banana bread (5 per cent).

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