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Contract Testing’s Annual Halloween Survey!

Halloween spending is set to BOOm this year. The Financial Post (Canada) recently reported that Canadians are now outspending Americans on Halloween to the tune of $1-billion in 2014. With the second most popular holiday approaching, more than 3,000 testers participated in a consumer survey about Halloween to get more insight into this very spooooooky holiday that only comes but once a year…

This is what you had to say:

On Chocolate: Kit Kat bars (79 per cent), Reese Peanut Butter Cups (74 per cent), M&Ms (70 per cent), Snickers (68 per cent) and Twix bars (67 per cent) reign supreme in the chocolate candy category – with many people choosing to purchase combo packs (67 per cent) to get a mix of all of their favourites.

Less popular choices in Halloween chocolate included Junior Mints (27 per cent), Whoppers (36 per cent) and Hershey’s Kisses (43 per cent).

On Candy: In terms of Halloween candy (non-chocolate), your favourites included Skittles candy (70 per cent), Starburst (65 per cent), Tootsie Rolls (54 per cent) and Red Licorice (53 per cent).

Less popular candy preferences included Black Licorice (21 per cent), Rockets (37 per cent) and candy corn (37 per cent).

On Delicious Fillings: Your favourite candy filling was caramel (43 percent) with peanut in second place (26 per cent). Cookie was the least popular filling (4 per cent).

On Halloween spending: It’s no wonder that Halloween spending is increasing overall. More than 50 per cent of respondents reported that they spend $20 to $50 each year on average. Nearly 20 per cent spend between $50 and $100.

Now to the important question: what is everyone dressing up as on Friday night?

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