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CTI Breakfast Survey 2014

Experts say that breakfast is the most important part of the day; many parents would report that it’s also the busiest. To mark National Breakfast Month, and the back to school season, Contract Testing surveyed parents to find out more about their breakfast routines – and about kids preferences when it comes to the food they eat in the morning.

• At the breakfast table or on the run: Our survey found that 92 per cent of families eat breakfast at home versus in the car (6 per cent) or at school (2 per cent).

• The biggest breakfast challenge facing families is a lack of time (71 per cent), difficulty coming up with new breakfast ideas (56 per cent) and dealing with picky eaters (55 per cent).

• Kids report that their favourite breakfasts include cereal (89 per cent) and toast (83 per cent); followed by pancakes/waffles (68 per cent), eggs (61 per cent), oatmeal (59 per cent) and yogurt / bagel and cream cheese (both 51 per cent).

• According to our survey, the most popular beverages at breakfast include milk (42 per cent) and orange juice (38 per cent). The least popular breakfast beverages are grape juice, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice.

• Peanut butter has some competition! Peanut butter and Nutella reign favourite among kids as a breakfast spread (69 per cent of respondents favoured both). Jam/jelly (63 per cent), cheese (62 per cent) and non-peanut nut butter (22 per cent) were also on the list of favourite spreads.

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