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Barbecue season is finally upon us and nothing says summer and BBQ season like a delicious, juicy hamburger.

In honour of National Hamburger Week (the second week in May), Contract Testing conducted an online survey (1,326 respondents) to understand consumer preferences around…what else? Hamburgers! To ring in the summer season, we wanted to know your favourite type of burger as well as accoutrements such as condiments and sides.

Beef or Bust

The traditional beef burger has not lost its popularity with the rise of alternatives such as turkey and veggie – 72 per cent of respondents still prefer rare, medium and well-done options. Chicken came in second with 13 per cent followed by turkey (8 percent), veggie (5 percent) and lastly Portobello mushroom (2 percent). “Other” preferences included fish, buffalo and pork.

The Sidekicks

It’s no surprise that French Fries were overwhelmingly the side of choice for respondents. In fact, 76 per cent of you said, “I’ll have fries with that.” A decent 10 per cent chose a clean, green salad option, while 6 per cent preferred the kettle chips and 5 per cent a good old-fashioned potato salad. A small sample (3 per cent) preferred flavoured potato chips and flavour preferences included salt and vinegar, regular, BBQ and sour cream and onion.

Toppings Take Burgers to the Next Level

Does the topping make the burger? Respondents preferred a crafty combination of classic condiments that include ketchup, relish, mustard and mayo (29 per cent). But we also know that a juicy tomato, a crunchy pickle, a slice of sharp cheddar cheese can take any burger to the next level. Our survey found that cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles come out on “top”, followed by onions, bacon, mushrooms, hot peppers, avocado and sprouts.

Perfect Pickle

The crunchy, crisp dill won out on pickle preferences (49 per cent) followed by the sweet pickle (19 per cent), the spicy dill (16 per cent) and the Kosher pickle (15 per cent).

Relish in Relish

Cooked, pickled, chopped, sweet, spicy and savory – relish is a delectable accompaniment to any burger. With so many varieties to choose from, we wondered: what types of relishes do people prefer on their burger? Another classic gets rave reviews with 30 per cent of respondents preferring traditional green relish to the rest. The traditional choice of green relish was followed by sweet onion (14 per cent), hot pepper (11 per cent), corn (10 per cent), tomato (10 per cent), jalapeno (9 per cent), chutney (8 per cent), chow chow (7 per cent) and zucchini (7 per cent).

Cheddar, Swiss or Pepper Jack?

We know a majority of respondents preferred to have cheese on their burger. We dug deeper to find out what types of cheese reigned over the rest. An overwhelming number of respondents go classic with 56 per cent preferring cheddar on their burger. A small number of respondents preferred Swiss (11 per cent), Pepper Jack (10 per cent), Mozzarella (9 per cent), Marble (4 per cent), Blue (3 per cent) and lastly, Goat cheese (2 per cent). Additional “other” preferences included American (processed cheddar cheese), Provolone and Munster.

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