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Sweet & Savory Indulgences

Do you crave the rich taste of chocolate or the tartness of a strawberry rhubarb pie? Or is your preference for salt – chips, pretzels or popcorn?

Contract Testing recently conducted an internet survey to understand consumer preferences when it comes to sweet and savory indulgences. The results are in and here’s what you had to say: 36 per cent of respondents said chocolate was their favourite sweet indulgence. Preferences for cake (19 per cent), cookies (18 per cent) and pie (13 per cent) were relatively equal and only 7 percent of respondents preferred candy. Other favourite indulgences included ice cream, frozen yogurt, brownies and cupcakes.

On the savory side, an overwhelming 70 per cent of respondents said that chips were the savory snack they most preferred; 20 percent said popcorn and less than 10 per cent chose pretzels.

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