proven protocols. superior products.
“You guys are simply THE BEST at moving quickly and accommodating short timelines.”
— Brand Manager
“CTI has nailed the process for delivering meaningful, quality product research we can act on.”
— Director, Brand Marketing, Top 10 QSR
“NO ONE else that I work with in this industry delivers like CTI does.”
– Marketing Director
“CTI gives us the kind of information that translates directly into better performing products.”
— Brand Manager, Top 10 Food Manufacturer
“You guys are so resourceful. I don’t think I have ever gotten an outright “no” from Contract Testing. Thank you so much!”
— Brand Manager, Top 10 Beverage Manufacturer

Proven protocols, Superior products.

Even the richest consumer research data is only as useful as its translation into meaningful product improvements. CTI standards and controls are accompanied by critical insight and guidance to produce the information you really need: clear, in-depth intelligence that helps you produce superior products.

Only CTI has its own Field Sites across the US and Canada.

We are the only company that conducts extensive sensory and consumer product testing at its own field sites across the US and Canada, with partner facilities elsewhere around the world. That means you have a partner who can meet your controlled testing needs any place at any time with complete location accountability. Look for a CTI test site near you.

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